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The Story of Bumble


Rescuing Begins...

We saw Bumble at Central California SPCA in Fresno, California - one of the highest kill shelters in the state. His photos were grainy and dark but we could still make out a furless, sickly looking little creature with goopy eyes in terrible condition. Agave Dogs Rescue immediately pulled Bumble and admitted him to a local veterinary clinic where he stayed for a couple of weeks


Bumble was an emaciated, foxtail-embedded, anemic, mange ridden, stray English Bulldog mix with evidence of pressure point sores from laying on concrete constantly. His body condition score for his weight was only a 3 out of 9 (1 being emaciated to the point of death and 9 being severely obese.) Bumble required regular weekly medicated baths, antibiotics, wound care and several surgeries to remove embedded foxtail seeds that were like harpoons in his skin. These caused abscesses, open sores and significant tissue damage. 


After over a month of medical rehabilitation, Bumble was stable enough to go up for adoption. He was still mostly naked and missing fur but found an amazing family in Oregon that continued his care. Bumble has regrown all his fur, is a healthy weight and is no longer sick and plagued with embedded foxtails. He is living his best life with his new family that has worked hard to help him recover! Thank you to the veterinary staff and our rescue partners that helped him along his journey!

Before & After


Take a look at Bumble's journey...

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