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The Story of Gentry


Rescuing Begins...

We saw Gentry in Texas with a rescue partner there. They had just sprung him from the shelter where he had previously been twice. The most recent time was after his owner died and before then as an older puppy. Gentry was emaciated at only 63lbs. For a Doberman mix, he should have weighed a healthy 80lbs. Gentry was heartworm positive, plagued with hookworms that were sucking the nutrition out of him, had an eye infection and some rotten teeth that needed to be removed. 

Gentry spent 3 months going through heartworm treatment and he gained 17lbs during that time once he was cleared of internal parasites and given lots of good groceries! The shaved spots on Gentry’s hips in the photos are where he received injections to treat the heartworms. Gentry also would not reliably come into the house for the first 6 weeks while in foster. He had to be caught or a long line utilized in the backyard every time Gentry was let out to go potty. Gentry was so used to being an outdoor dog in Texas that the house was a scary thing for him. It took much behavioral and medical rehabilitation to get Gentry healthy and used to being a household companion. 

Gentry ended up being adopted by our Director, Meredith, and he is now a certified AKC Canine Good Citizen dog and helps other rescue dogs by being a good foster brother. 

Before & After


Take a look at Gentry's journey...

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