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A dog putting paw into a hand


We can't save lives without you. 
Small brown and white dog

We're excited that you're willing to offer one of our dogs a temporary home! Agave Dogs does not have a shelter. We feel that a household setting is much better for our rescue dogs. Volunteer foster homes play a critical part in the rescue process. Dogs learn basic house manners, are less stressed and their true personalities blossom, allowing us to get a better idea of what a dog's personality is like.

We provide everything you need to foster one of our dogs: food, blankets, crate, vetting. If you'd like to supply any of these items to support the rescue we would be very grateful!

Our foster onboarding process is done by volunteers hoping to cultivate the most dedicated and reliable individuals willing to learn and help. Please only apply if you are serious about making this commitment.

Foster Home Application:
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