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The Story of Chuck Norris

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Rescuing Begins...

The shelter staff at a Southern California shelter reached out pleading for rescue placement for 12 year old senior dog, Chuck Norris. Chuck was super sweet but otherwise in terrible shape in the shelter. He was underweight with a body condition score of 3 out of 9 (1 being emaciated to the point of death and 9 being severely obese,) double ear infections, a yeast infection of the skin resulting in considerable hair loss and skin thickening, a mouth full of broken and decaying teeth and pressure sores and callouses from living outdoors on hard surfaces. 

We transported Chuck up to Oregon and got to work on medical baths paired with oral medications, flushing his ears out and putting in twice daily medication, then getting him in for dental surgery. Our veterinarian noted that Chuck had "severe dental disease and many fractured teeth." Dogs have 42 teeth, Chuck was missing 10 to start and had 15 teeth extracted during surgery. He was left with 17 good teeth remaining and feeling a whole lot better! Chuck was adopted to a family specifically looking to adopt a senior dog. 

Before & After


Take a look at Chuck Norris' journey...

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